Real Estate – America’s Most Popular Small Business

Sometimes when people think of real estate, they think of billion-dollar development deals in downtown metropolitan areas. A deal that you might expect to see Donald Trump executing.

These deals definitely exist, and there is no small amount of them taking place. As people move more and more into urban areas, these deals on become more attractive to investors. However, these types of deals are hugely dwarfed (or as Donald Trump would say “bigly” dwarfed) by the amount of small, local transactions taking place all across the country.

That’s right. Real estate is one of the most common forms of small businesses in the country. Many people begin their entrepreneurial journey as real estate agents, whether they work for a larger office or they are starting their own company.

And since we here at are so passionate about small business, we thought we would write up a post about the real estate profession—which has always been one of America’s most popular, common, and competitive industries.

Why Go Into Real Estate?

Real estate is one of those industries where there is a direct relationship between the amount of effort and work that you put in and the success of your business.

You hear people all over the workforce complain about their jobs and how they work harder and harder with each passing year, but they don’t see an equal output in their compensation.

This, of course, is one of the beauties of starting your own business in general. If you want to make more money, you can work harder to make more money. There is no one holding you back besides yourself. This is especially true in real estate.

If you feel stuck selling smaller, residential homes, you can always transition into luxury lakefront homes, where your commission will be much larger and the amount of work you put in is the same. In a similar vein, you can look at commercial properties that are much more expensive than you average home.

Real estate is a field that is dominated by hard-working, driven people who want to succeed in their own business. People like J. Harpe Realty Group do a great job helping their clients get the best deal on a house—not taking any shortcuts.

Is Real Estate Too Competitive?

As with any industry, you are going to have a certain amount of competition. Real estate is no different.

Some people view this as a problem, but when real estate agents go into the profession, they are looking to make a difference and be successful. What this means is the customer and communities that these agents live in are made better off.

If live in an area of passionate, driven real estate agents, chances are, that is a good area to live in.

How Can I Become a Real Estate Agent?

Like many professions, real estate agents must pass state administered tests to become licensed. When compared to other professions, like lawyers, and doctors, the burden is quite low, but you will still have to take some tests.

Time to Act Now!

Whether you want to focus on selling first-time home buyers their first home, or you want to help retirees find the perfect luxury lakefront home on Lake Michigan where they can retire, the world of real estate can really be anything you make it.

However hard you want to work, you can. That’s the beauty of business on lake Michigan.